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Animations are the voice of the future. We are living in a world where people are running out of attention, right? You want to make them pay you theirs. It is not easy. That is where the animation comes in.

The best products may fail if they are not marketed well. You want to use the simplest and most impacting ways to sell your products and services. Amongst the most effective ways to grab the attention of your target audience are good animated videos. We, the Animated video makers are the best ways to start. Nonetheless, you need to focus more on making the best out of your product. Hire freelancer animators to create your custom animation videos.

You can use video animations for:

  • websites, to keep your visitors coming back for more

  • presentations and keep your prospects glued

  • getting higher engagements with your audience

  • creating a unique brand image and clearly communicate your values

Animation videos are now become a critical part of product marketing and my Animated video production will highlight the key points about your company or product in creative yet most effective ways. If you want to sell a product, explain a concept or an idea to a large crowd

I will,

  • Start by seriously understanding your core message, key drivers, and who your audience is.

  • After we defined your brand’s key message, we can start with the storyboard and henceforth animated video production.

  • And finally the excellent video will be ready that keeps your target audience engaged and interested in what you are saying.
2D Animation
3D Animation
Motion Graphics
Stop Motion

Custom Animation Videos for Business and Marketing

In the world of business and marketing, you need your audience to pay you more than attention. You need them to stay with you. My clients have learned the importance of animated videos for marketing. They know that to grow any business, they must add entertainment to engagement.

Animation videos and animated infographic videos for marketing set you apart from your competitors. It shows the people that your brand is a creative, innovative, and futuristic company.

Entertainment + Engagement = High Profit

Animated marketing videos work in two scenarios:

  • People who are looking to start up a business.

  • People who are looking to engage with their audience on their established business.

If you are just starting, you need to stand out from the crowd. Business animation videos and animated infographic videos are the best ways to attract people to learn more about you. You are entering a highly competitive marketplace, and you will run aground if your business does not stand out.

We can help you with animated business videos that incorporate:

  • Logo animation to attract your audience and create awareness for your brand.

  • 3D logo animation is even more creative and futuristic.

  • 3D infographic animation spells out your values with innovative and interactive displays.

  • Animations that do more than just engage. Good animations like 2D infographic and 3D infographic turn leads to your audience.

  • Animations that do more than just engage. Good videos turn leads to paying customers. Including an animated video on your landing page increases your conversion rate by 80%.

  • Intense reactions from clients at sales meetings. Use 2D infographic animation and videos instead of boring PowerPoint presentations that your competitors use.

Your audience will be more attracted to a 2D infographic animation. That is by far the best way to catch your audience's attention and retain it.

An animated infographic video uses visually appealing depiction of data, facts, figures, and stats to educate and entertain anyone. These animated infographics can be used in any niche to transform boring figures and stats into vivid, memorable, and attractive pieces that anyone can quickly absorb. It is no secret that people have an insatiable appetite for increasingly stimulating and powerful visuals. If you give them 3D infographic with a dash of action effects and interactivity, you will be able to hit their soft spot.

I will create innovative animated infographic content that will inspire and educate your viewers and will also force them to do your bidding. 3D infographic reels readers in from the outset. It engages them with stunning motion graphic effects. You can also make do with 2D infographics to createp redominantly flat colors and interactive graphs and charts.

Hire a freelance animated video maker to help bring your ideas to life. I will tell any story you want. I will help you to display and explain your message to your clients visually, and it will become a hit or go viral.

Animation Video Maker for Social Media

For most people, social media is a business sharing platform. Many simply want to get in the spotlight and become an influencer.

If you are using social media to promote your

  • brand,

  • idea,

  • charity events,

  • awareness programs,

  • or others…

You need to engage the audience with captivating and short animation videos. The thing with social media is that it is not easy for you to get people’s attention. Animation videos are attention grabbers. They shout your message out in everyone’s face!

You need to create impressive animation for social media. This is a sure-fire way to ensure that people who are looking to surf social media feeds and like pictures will engage with your video and enjoy your message.

Who can say no to Short Animation Videos?

I am a freelance animation artist. I work with a team of experts that can help you to bring anything you imagine to life! Just dream of it.

It is more cost-efficient to hire a freelance animation artist to help you to enliven videos for

  • YouTube
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • and so on...

Why do you need Animation?

Animated social media posts give life to dreams. They can efficiently put several elements together to create the magic that will cost a lot of money, time, and space in real life. It’s like living in a fantasy!

Over the years, we have seen how YouTube animation has amassed more views than conventional real-life videos. To make such waves on YouTube, you need to create original content that will stand out. That is where my team and I come in.

Instagram animation is one of the best ways to reach not only the eyes of your customers but also their hearts. Instagram allows you to post short animation videos to engage your users and friends.

Facebook is one of the most widely used social media. Facebook animation is an excellent way to sell anything to anyone. Create a Facebook animated gif of your product, yourself, or anything you want the world to see.

We will create eye-catching animation for social media to help enliven your brand. Animated gif makers are selling like quickfire! But professionalism is better than mediocrity. You can stand out if you hire a team of freelancers to create gif animation for you. Increase your user engagement by conveying your message through the animated gif video.

3D Animation Service for TV Commercials

The conventional adverts are becoming more and more stale and annoying. Human actors may not appeal to a particular race, age, or even a society as time passes. But animations never age.

You need beautiful 3D animation to advertise your products on TV and several different platforms like YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and even Instagram.

Beautiful 3D video animations made for TV commercials must be able to sell your product in a good light.

I offer the best 3D animation services that give your product

  • Amazing animation that catches your audience’s attention and creates constant awareness.

  • A beautiful transition that keeps your audience interested in your message.

  • Sleek video editing that instills the desire for your product in your audience.

  • Impressive elements that will force your audience to act on whatever you intend (be it to buy your product, subscribe to a service, etc.)

Animated videos give you a golden opportunity to artistically use several elements that will cost you so much if you were to make a live video shoot. These include the integration of your product animation, logos, color schemes, and brand images into your video. I will effectively create recurrent themes and brand icons through a series of 3D animated videos.

2D Animation Services for Explainer Video Production

If you are:

  • An expert teacher who wants to create online courses.
  • Someone who needs to explain a new concept.

The best bet to get your message across is by using engaging 2D video animations. We specialize in helping expert tutorials to recreate or create how to videos that will not bore their online students. Because there are several distractions online, online courses need to be very engaging and educational at the same time.

A good animation explainer or online tutorial video must have

  • Quality : I will help you to make the right first impression with high-quality 2D animation.

  • Branding : I am an expert at color selection, logo placement, audio-video sync.

  • Rhythm and pacing : this element is critical to getting your concept to your audience. I will help you time the action and story to keep your audience entertained and engaged until the end.

  • A clear message : The message must have clarity.

I'll develop your 'How to' animation videos using the best tools available and based on your requirements, I can create:

  • Custom whiteboard animations

  • 2D Character Animation

  • Motion Graphics Animation

  • 3D Animation

  • Live-Action

  • Stop Motion

  • Typography

  • Screencast

How Do We Create The MAGIC?

Animation is always beautiful. And for us to have satisfied countless clients all over the world, many people are keen to find out how we do it. There is a secret ingredient to creating magical puppets that you can string to do whatever you want. Here’s what we will do whenever you desire:

The Magical Process

You have made your mind up. Wait, you are wondering, “How can I get started?” Here is a detailed overview of our magical video animation process.

If you’re new to animation and motion graphics, this will give you a quick overview of the processes involved in creating a magical sensation in a video that surpasses your imagination! We have created this post to provide you with a better understanding of how this thing works and how you can allow us to bring your story to life magically.

Because all our customers are different, the process of creating each project we develop is not entirely the same. However, because smart people think alike, they all follow the same beautiful predictable pattern.

  • 1. You Give Us a Creative Brief

    When you want to do something this big, you want to tell us everything you have in mind for your project. We have the creative brief as a short questionnaire that helps us to understand your brand or what you’re looking for in the end video.

    You would also be able to show us what is most important to share with the viewers. To keep things right, we ensure alignment right from the start. A good magician knows what the audience loves to see.

  • 2. Discovery Phase

    This is the second step. After you have discussed what your concept is, we will assemble our team to meet with your team to kick things off formally. It is at this stage we discuss the creative brief with you. That way, we can ensure that our team and yours are on the same page. Then, we get the project rolling.

  • 3. Concept

    The core of any excellent videos is the message. Animation videos need unique visual ideas that tell an engaging story. Without that core, the visuals in the video are irrelevant. We will use the Creative Brief as a guide, and we will add our research and discovery, to brainstorm ideas for your video and narrow them down to the best.

  • 4. Script

    The early stages of video production require a script. This is the document that explains your message. If you have specific dialogues, visuals, etc. Here is where we will document them. We have a team of professional screenplay writers in the team. Nonetheless, we will use your script if you want us to.

  • 5. Storyboard

    Once you approve the script, the next point of action is to develop a storyboard for the visuals in the video scene by scene. This is where you see your animated video take shape. Each scene will be designed with the layout and the progression of the story. If you have a good storyboard, our team will go with yours.

  • 6. Voiceover

    To be honest, delivery is the core of all excellent performances. Your message will be ineffective if it isn’t delivered right. We have a team of professional voice over artists in the team. However, if you want to send us your recording, our team will gladly use that.

  • 7. Animation

    This is the stage where all of the pieces come together. This is also the longest and most tedious stage in the process. After we design all the illustration assets, will begin to drive your video to life. We’ll get busy making your animated video production magic.

  • 8. Sound Design

    When it comes to video production, sound mix makes all the difference. We will help you add great music options of licensed music for you to select from. Then, we will add custom sound effects that will be layered to make your video stand out and very realistic.

  • 9. Delivery

    And magic! We’ll deliver your video to you as an HD 1080p | 4K | 8K -> MOV | MP4 file | AVI | MVK | GIF | SVG, ready for download and upload anywhere.

If you’d like more information, let’s set up a time to chat!

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Motion Graphics

$ 20 /h
Details: Details:
  • Typography
  • Special Effects
  • Animated Graphics
  • Logo Animation
  • Stop Motion

2D Animation

$ 30 /h
  • Animated Illustration
  • Cartoon Animation
  • Whiteboard Videos
  • Animated Doodles
  • Animated SVGs

3D Animation

$ 50 /h
  • Character Animation
  • Character Modelling
  • Architectural Walkthrough
  • Animated Product Mockup
  • Rendering

Explainer & Learning

$ 20 /h
  • Screen Casting
  • Transition effects
  • Animated Actions

My Animation Workshop

Together, people build amazing things! Here is what a walk through our GALLERY feels like.

We Do Video Production, Editing and Animation Videos

In this project we created an animation video to promote our services and unfolds our video production and website development skills. The line-character in this video performs all the actions that grab the viewer's attention and entertain them watching the video.

Custom Video Gif Maker

This animated Gif is the project of our client and as per the shared requirements. In this, we have taken raw video footage of Blue-Angles Fly-by over the new your city to honor Essential Workers helping by endangering their lives in Coronavirus Pandemic and made a endless loop with animated text in/out.

There is more to professional animation than just moving pictures. There are professionalism and dedication in every stroke and every illustration. With several years of experience working with top-class people, we have excellence in creating animation videos. See these professional animation videos

Great animation is about creating personalities. It also means being original and bringing characters to life – not just moving them around. Animation work requires more than talent, and we have it all!

Our Freelance animation work stands out. We are freelancers! We are always available to work your magic whenever you’re ready. You can reach out to us any time you want. Our workshop is always open to customers.

We are excellent animation artists with a high level of experience with character illustration, emotion, and impressive delivery. We have in-depth knowledge of the principles of animation.

We want to hear from you.