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At DeepFreelancer, our team of professional freelance video editors gives perfection to the beauty of your videos.

All the little things make the most significant difference! Talk about video splitting, trimming, clip joining. What about adding titles, lower thirds, call to actions, and end screens? Or sweet background music, correct video color, special effects, and audio synchronization? Or does your video have background noise?

We differ from other video editors that you might have already heard about. We are a team of experts.

Why Hire Professional Video Editor

Video editing professionals give you a seamless experience that will attract anyone with excellent, intuitive awesome tools. If you have already created a video, it is great to hire a video editing expert. If you feel like doing it yourself, think about the following reasons why you should hire an expert video editor for an awesome post production service.

#1. We are Highly Experienced
The fundamental reason to hire a professional video editor is that these expert video editors have been in the field for so long. They have been selected because of their excellent work. That means they have become flexible and versatile over the years of working with several people like you. Because the best video editor will naturally want to protect his reputation online, he will give you the very best video editing service.

#2. Post Production Service With Professional Tools
A video editing professional knows his tools and does not use amateur software and programs. We offer you:

Adobe video editing service

Adobe is one of the most popular video editing programs out there. If you wish to work in Adobe CC, you may need to hire an Adobe video editor.
They will be working as After effects Video Editor to complete all your animations in After effects, and as a Premiere Pro video editor to give the finishing and a final touch. Adobe video editing is seamless because it offers fantastic collaboration opportunities. Hire a professional Adobe video editor today.

Screenflow video editing service

Our Screenflow video Editing experts can edit your screencasts professionally. We use the Screen flow video editor as the best fit for your online tutorial classes.

Techsmith Camtasia video editing service

We offer you professional Camtasia Video Editing. Our expert Camtasia video editors will turn your raw videos into incredible, jaw-dropping finesse with Camtasia.

Apple Final cut pro video editing service

We have professionals who use Final cut pro video editor. Get our Final cut pro video editing service for all your editing needs.

Sony Vegas Pro Video editing service

Vegas Pro Video Editor, now known as Vegas Pro is one of the most innovative tools we use to give your videos that magical feeling. Our Vegas Pro Video Editing experts deliver professional results with this advanced editing tool.

#3. Save Time
If you have created your video by yourself, you have done so much work! You deserve kudos. For your next video project, check out this video production page before you make a decision. Still, if you want to take on the daunting task of editing your video yourself, you will spend so much time. If you hire a video editor, you will have more time to attend to matters about your business growth.

#4. Your Wish is A Command
When you hire a professional video editor, they understand your needs and give you a post-production service that aligns with what you want.

#5. Innovation and Experience
At DeepFreelancer, we stay up-to-date with technological advances. With industry-leading tools and innovations, we strive to deliver the best service to each client. Right, if you look at the high ROI, and how more and more people are using video on social platforms, you need a professional’s experience. Our expert video editors follow the latest trends and post-production methods.

#6. Quick Turnaround Time
Getting professional video editing service means that you can mention your deadline, and we will deliver the finished work by the agreed-upon deadline. Our experience allows us to work more quickly and efficiently.

In Our Post-Production Services, We Deliver

For most people, social media is a business When you hire our video editing or post-production service, here are some of the major things we will do for you. These services may seem small, but each of them have a great impact on each one of your viewers:

Background Replacement / Noise Removal

Background noise or white noise is one little glitch that differentiates great videos from just videos. Hire a professional video editor to reduce ambient noise from all your recordings, and remove any unwanted background sounds. We will clean up your video.

Additional Effects

Effects enhance videos. Your choice of music or sounds adds new dimensions to the feel of the video. At the same time, headings, transitions, or subtitles provide a unique sales opportunity.

Color Correction

A video editing expert applies the latest techniques to adjust the colors of your video. It will affect the viewers’ experience. It will also make your video memorable and have long-lasting advantages for brand recognition and sales.

Shot Sequencing

The video editing service gives them ample opportunity to remove any unwanted portions from a randomly shot video. Then, to compile the remaining parts of the video in a series of shots that form a meaningful sequence.

Correcting Defective Pixels

Defective pixels can tamper with the quality of your video. Only a qualified video editor can correct flaws if that nature. The video editor will create a final video that has a pleasant and natural viewing experience for your viewers.

Video Editing Services Improves Your Marketing Efforts

As more people are using video marketing on social and mobile platforms, skilled video editors are needed for your brand. Hire a freelance video editor. We craft and design most video marketing campaigns.

Top companies trust us. We take care of all their video editing we have worked for

Social Media videos
Business videos
Corporate videos
Product videos
Movie / Film Editing
Educational / Training Videos


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All-in-one Editing Package

$ 20 /h
Details: Details:
  • Background Replacement
  • Noise Removal
  • Color Correction
  • Shot Sequencing
  • Defective Pixel Correction
  • Additional Effects
  • Typography
  • Captioning
  • Intro / End Slides

Our Editing Workshop

Together, people build amazing things! Here is what a walk through our GALLERY feels like.

Summer camp video production

Business video editing service for summer camp training school. In this we have polished the raw footage in a way to make it look appealing and engaging. Along with our creative video editing service, we have created transitions for every slice, typography for message and logo animation to bother the branding so viewers can get the true sense of what they are viewing.

Jewellery video editing service

Jewelers are very sensitive to their precious crafts. They need cut perfect! We’ve worked as a freelance video editing agency for this project. It is remarkably a wonderful experience to serve as a video editor for such a finest piece of art.  Basically, this is a marketing video explaining about what the owner sells and craft and how they are flawless in this job.

Real estate video editing

This is the real estate video editing service of customer testimonial. Back to basics, we have set the concept from intro to achievement followed by Q & A. Introduction is first step, the video come with our logo animation service and then our creative editing service start with speaker’s title and description in lower thirds with the Stop Motion effect. After that, the video transition and typography slides take place for Q / A strategy to make it remarkable.