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Summer camp video production

Freelance video editing and animation service

February 2020

Job brief

We are looking for a video editor to handle the post-production and animation work for editing our summer camp videos and films. Once hired, Video editing freelancer should get together the raw footage, media, create animation and do an edit to get final videos fully ready for our business use. This work can be challenging, as it involves highly creative video editing skills to select, trim, slice and organize footage that finally make more sense, and may require sourcing additional media assets such as choosing relevant background music, performing color correction, grading and enhancing the audio, and working with marketing team for getting specific requirements, often for deadlines. Post-production experts should hold edited videos to high quality, creativity with logical and interesting storylines, ideal animations and transitions and to be visually appealing. Generally, professional video editors invest much of their hours in computer and various editing suites . So, we offer you to join our team as a full-time freelancer with immediate availability for urgent projects.

Video Editor's Duties & Responsibilities

The duties of professional video maker usually based on the requirements and type, the general responsibilities of this job are proportionally common and include:

 Trim, slice and combine Footage

The leading responsibility as a pro video editor is to remodel raw video footage into a sensible and appealing finished product. First, constructing the storyline, they choose what footage or a part to keep and organize it to perfect order, by keeping the best shots, angles and slicing as necessary. They must operate color correction, gradient to intensify video quality.

 Collecting Assets

Video editors often need additional assets for editings, such as voiceover, music, and graphics. All the recorded voiceovers will be provided but appropriate music and sound effects need to be researched by self to blend these in the video.

 Design Graphics

In visuals, a video needs graphics, same as other important elements, text, animations, etc. being a video editor, you’re responsible to create visual assets as well as required promotional things with future reusability.

 Communication calls

The freelance video editor is a key for crafting video’s creative aesthetic with the freedom to make decisions in respect of shared brief or script. Freelancer must communicate daily with the marketing team, director, and writer to get requirements, receive feedback, and make alternation as required in an entire production.

 Rendering Videos

Exporting the edited film for distribution is the ultimate step in the whole editing process. To reach and appeal maximum audiences, video maker must encode videos in varying specifications and formats depending on different platforms.

Client's feedback

Deep is a quick and talented video editor

Deep has been doing a great job editing videos for our program and he has proven to be a very creative and professional video editor. He delivers high quality videos with short turn-around times. Deep also excels with video file management, animations, version edits and timely communication. We look forward to continuing to work with Deep.

Stephen (Executive Director) MakerState
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