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2D Animation Explainer Video

Case Study: Production of 2D Animation Video For an MBA Consultation Business Client

February 2023

Our client, a well-known provider of MBA consulting services, works in a fast-paced, fiercely competitive market that is dedicated to offering full help and direction to people who want to earn an MBA. With the MBA degree becoming increasingly sought after for career advancement and personal growth, the demand for specialized consultation services has risen significantly.

The client's business is built on the foundation of assisting aspiring MBA students throughout their application journey, from selecting suitable programs and preparing for standardized tests to crafting compelling essays and preparing for interviews. Their team of experienced consultants possesses in-depth knowledge of the MBA admissions process, enabling them to provide valuable insights and personalized guidance to their clients.

The case study aims to showcase how the implementation of an animated explainer video has had a transformative impact on our client's MBA consultation business. By setting clear objectives at the outset, we sought to address the challenges faced by the client and demonstrate how the explainer video strategy effectively addressed these challenges.

We will also delve into how the animation explainer video improved the comprehension of the client's services. Through concise messaging, visual storytelling, and simplified explanations, the video enabled potential clients to better understand the value and benefits of the client's MBA consultation services.

Furthermore, we will highlight how the video animation strengthened brand recognition. By incorporating consistent branding elements and creating a visually appealing and memorable video, the client's brand became more recognizable and differentiated from competitors.

In addition to these key metrics, we will explore how the animated explainer video enhanced search engine visibility. By optimizing the video for search engines and incorporating it into the client's digital marketing strategies, the video contributed to increased organic visibility and improved online presence.

To provide a comprehensive analysis, we will conduct a detailed examination of the visual elements and animation techniques employed in the video. We will assess the effectiveness of the script and messaging strategies in conveying the client's expertise and value proposition. We will also assess how the voiceover and sound design affect the entire video experience.

Our client is a prominent MBA counselling business with a proven track record of assisting ambitious MBA students in achieving their academic and professional objectives. The firm is comprised of a team of experienced consultants who have successfully gone through the MBA admissions process themselves and possess a deep understanding of the intricacies involved.

The firm primarily caters to professionals seeking to pursue an MBA degree to advance their careers. Their target market is made up of ambitious people from various industries who want to obtain a competitive advantage in business. These individuals are typically driven, goal-oriented, and seeking guidance to navigate the complex MBA admissions process.

The client differentiates itself by offering personalized and tailored consultation services. Their team of consultants provides one-on-one guidance and strategic advice to help clients present their best selves in the application process. With their firsthand experience and industry insights, they can offer valuable perspectives and help clients stand out in a competitive applicant pool.

The client's goals revolve around enhancing their brand visibility, expanding their client base, and establishing themselves as industry leaders. They aim to increase their market share and strengthen their reputation as a trusted and reliable MBA consultation firm. By effectively conveying their unique value proposition and expertise, they aim to attract more clients and achieve sustainable business growth.

The MBA consultation industry is highly competitive, with numerous firms vying for the attention of potential clients. The client faced challenges in effectively reaching their target audience and differentiating themselves from competitors. They needed a compelling way to communicate their expertise, simplify complex concepts, and engage potential clients in a crowded marketplace.

The client's goals were twofold. Firstly, they aimed to increase their brand recognition and visibility to attract a larger pool of potential clients. Secondly, they wanted to improve the comprehension of their services and value proposition among their target audience. By achieving these goals, they hoped to increase engagement, conversions, and ultimately drive business growth.

In today's digital age, animated explainer videos have emerged as a powerful marketing tool for businesses across various industries. Their effectiveness in simplifying complex concepts, captivating audiences, and conveying information in an engaging and memorable way makes them particularly valuable in the MBA consultation industry.

Animation allows for the visualization of abstract ideas, making it easier for viewers to understand complex concepts related to the MBA admissions process. Through animated characters, graphics, and storytelling techniques, an explainer video can simplify intricate topics such as standardized test preparation, essay writing, and interview coaching.

Furthermore, our explainer video service have the advantage of being visually appealing, dynamic, and entertaining. They can capture the attention of the viewers and hold their interest throughout the video's duration. By leveraging animation, the client can create an immersive and enjoyable viewing experience that resonates with their audience and enhances brand storytelling.

To ensure the animated video effectively resonates with the target audience, thorough research was conducted to understand their preferences, needs, and pain points. Various research techniques were employed, including:

a) Surveys and Questionnaires: The client distributed surveys to their existing client base and conducted questionnaires to gather insights into their demographics, motivations, and challenges related to the MBA admissions process.

b) Market Analysis: Extensive market research was conducted to identify trends, competitor strategies, and gaps in the market. This analysis provided valuable information on the target audience's expectations and preferences.

c) Interviews and Focus Groups: In-depth interviews and focus groups were conducted with current and prospective MBA students to gain qualitative insights into their experiences, expectations, and the information they found most valuable during the admissions process.

d) Online Analytics: Web analytics tools were utilized to gather data on website visitors, including their behavior, preferences, and engagement patterns. This data helped in understanding the online journey of the target audience and optimizing the video's effectiveness.

By combining quantitative and qualitative research methods, a comprehensive understanding of the target audience was achieved. This research informed the subsequent stages of the explainer video production process.

The conceptualization and scriptwriting phase involved a collaborative effort between the client and us, the explainer video production company. The objective was to develop a compelling concept for the 2d animation explainer video that would effectively communicate the client's value proposition.

The client's unique selling points, expertise, and target audience insights formed the foundation for the concept. Through brainstorming sessions and creative discussions, a storyline was developed that would engage viewers and address their pain points.


Conceptualization and Scriptwriting: The scriptwriting process focused on concise and engaging messaging. The script highlighted the challenges faced by MBA applicants, empathized with their struggles, and presented the client's solutions in a clear and compelling manner. Storytelling techniques, such as incorporating relatable characters and using narrative arcs, were employed to create an emotional connection with the audience.

Throughout this phase, feedback loops and revisions ensured that the script aligned with the client's brand voice, messaging, and objectives. The finalized script served as a blueprint for the subsequent stages of production.


Design and Animation: The design and animation phase brought the script to life, visually capturing the essence of the client's brand and messaging. The following steps were undertaken:

a) Visual Elements: A visual style and theme were established based on the client's brand guidelines, target audience preferences, and industry trends. To provide a visually appealing and coherent style, the typeface, color scheme, and graphic components were all carefully selected.

b) Character Development: Characters were designed to resonate with the target audience. The characters were relatable and representative of the diverse MBA applicant pool. They embodied the challenges, aspirations, and triumphs that applicants face, making the video more relatable and engaging.

c) Artistic Direction: The animation style, whether it was 2D animation, motion graphics, or a combination of techniques, was determined to align with the client's brand identity and the video's objectives. The visual storytelling techniques, transitions, and effects were used strategically to enhance comprehension and engagement.

d) Iterative Process: The design and animation phase involved multiple iterations, allowing for client feedback and adjustments. Regular communication between the client and the explainer video production team ensured that the visual elements and animation met the client's expectations and effectively communicated the desired message.

By utilizing 2D animation techniques, the explainer video animation achieved a visually captivating and engaging experience. The design choices, character development, and artistic direction were carefully crafted to align with the client's brand identity, target audience preferences, and the overarching goals of the video.

Voiceover and Sound Design: The process of selecting a professional voiceover artist for the creative animation video involved careful consideration and collaboration between the client and the explainer video production company. The client, being the expert in their industry and possessing a deep understanding of their target audience, took an active role as a voiceover artist.

Additionally, sound design elements were incorporated to enhance the viewer's experience and create a cohesive audiovisual presentation. These elements included:

Sound Effects: Strategic use of sound effects helped to emphasize key visual elements and enhance the storytelling. The client and the production team collaborated to select appropriate sound effects that would enhance the overall narrative and engagement.

Background Music: The selection of suitable background music played a vital role in setting the mood, capturing the viewer's attention, and supporting the video's pacing. The client worked closely with the production team to choose music that aligned with their brand identity and the desired emotional response from the audience. The music was carefully integrated to enhance the video's impact without overshadowing the voiceover or other audio elements.

By actively participating in the role of the voiceover artist and providing guidance on tone, pacing, and clarity, the client ensured that the voiceover aligned with their brand and effectively conveyed the desired message. The incorporation of sound design elements, such as sound effects and background music, further enhanced the viewer's experience, creating a cohesive audiovisual presentation that captivated the audience and conveyed the intended messaging with clarity and impact.


The implementation of the video explainer had a significant impact on viewer engagement and conversion rates. Through the analysis of data and analytics, the following metrics demonstrated the effectiveness of the video:

a) Play Rates: The explainer video animation achieved high play rates, indicating a strong initial interest from viewers. The engaging visuals, compelling script, and professional voiceover captured the attention of the target audience and encouraged them to watch the video.

b) Average Watch Time: Viewers showed a high level of engagement with the video, as evidenced by the average watch time. The video's informative and visually appealing content kept viewers engaged for longer durations, indicating a genuine interest in the client's services.

c) Click-through Rates: The animated video effectively enticed viewers to take further action. The call-to-action was deliberately positioned at the conclusion of the video to encourage viewers to visit the client's website, landing pages, or contact details. The click-through rates demonstrated the video's ability to generate leads and drive conversions.


The animated explainer video proved to be a powerful tool in capturing viewer attention, holding their interest, and encouraging them to take the desired action. The increased engagement and conversion rates directly contributed to the client's business growth and expansion.

Improved Comprehension of Services
Feedback from the viewers highlighted a notable improvement in their understanding of the client's services after watching the animation video. The video's ability to simplify complex concepts and present information in a concise and visually engaging manner resonated with potential clients. They appreciated how the video provided a clear overview of the client's offerings, the benefits they would receive, and the unique value the client brought to the MBA consultation industry.

The animated explainer successfully addressed the pain points and challenges faced by MBA applicants, guiding them through the client's services and empowering them to make informed decisions. By breaking down complex concepts and presenting them in an accessible and relatable manner, the video helped potential clients gain a better understanding of the client's expertise and how their services could help them succeed in their MBA journey.

Strengthened Brand Recognition
The impact of the explainer video on the client's brand recognition within the MBA consultation industry was significant. Clients and prospects frequently mentioned the video as a key factor in their decision to choose the client's services. Case studies and testimonials showcased how the video effectively conveyed the client's expertise, professionalism, and dedication to their clients' success.

The video's engaging storytelling, visually appealing design, and clear messaging established a strong brand identity for the client. It positioned them as a trusted authority in the MBA consultation industry, increasing their credibility and standing out from competitors. The video served as a powerful marketing tool, leaving a lasting impression on viewers and reinforcing the client's brand in their minds.

Enhanced Search Engine Visibility
Integrating the animated video into the client's website had a positive impact on search engine visibility and organic traffic. By optimizing the video's metadata, captions, and transcript, the client's website rankings improved in relevant search engine results pages.

The video's presence on the website also increased the average time users spent on the site, reducing bounce rates, and improving user engagement metrics. These positive signals further contributed to the client's improved search engine rankings.

The animated explainer video production not only engaged viewers but also attracted inbound links and social media shares, further enhancing the client's online visibility and authority. The combination of improved search engine visibility, increased organic traffic, and enhanced user engagement metrics directly contributed to the client's digital marketing success.

In conclusion, this case study highlights the significant impact of an animated explainer video on an MBA consultation business. The results and achievements in terms of increased engagement, improved comprehension of services, strengthened brand recognition, enhanced search engine visibility, and overall business growth showcase the value of incorporating such a video in marketing strategies. By understanding client requirements, collaborating with a professional production company, and leveraging data-driven analysis, the client successfully utilized an animated explainer video to boost their MBA consultation business.

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